Getting Started

This article gives you instructions to start using your new 8x8 phones and virtual office.

Setting up your Phone

Your new phone will be installed on your desk and activated. The following steps will guide you through the basic set up of your phone and voicemail. To set up and access more advanced features, you can refer to the how to use your phone article.

Check your phone settings

  1. Verify the name and extension on the phone

    Your phone screen should look just like the picture to the right. The first two lines should display your extension with the first 5 letters of your first name.

    If the name or extension on your phone is not yours, please contact helpdesk.

  2. Make a test call

    Place a test call to one of your colleagues. Make sure the right name shows on the receiving phone and that you both hear each other.

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Making Calls

  1. To make an internal call, simply dial the four digit extension.
  2. To dial an external number, simply dial the ten digit number, including area code. You do not need to dial a "9" to get an outside line or a "1" for long distance.

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Setup your voicemail

  1. Access your voicemail service by dialing 555

    This should prompt you to enter a password. Enter the password then press #.

  2. Create a password

    The system will not automatically ask you to change your password, but it is highly recommended that you not keep the initial code.

    To change your password, access your voicemail (from above step), then press followed by 3 then press 1 to change your password, enter your new 4 to 15 digit password and finish by pressing #.

    NOTE: The password must not be your extension, a sequence such as 12345 or 8765432 nor be the same number such as 4444.

  3. Record a greeting

    After accessing the voicemail system following the previous steps, you can record various greeting messages. A list of the various greetings is presented in the following table

    You should record at least your name, internal and external greeting.
    1. Go to the voicemail menu by dialing 555 and entering your password.
    2. Then press 2 to record your greeting messages.
    3. Press 1 to record your first and last name. This will be used for the internal directory.
    4. Follow the voice instructions and press to return to the voicemail menu.
    5. Replicate the process for internal greeting by pressing 2 instead of 1 on the third step and external greeting by pressing 3.
    6. You can exit the voicemail system by pressing 9 or record additional greetings as indicated in the following table.
    Sample Greeting

    You have reached (your name). I am unavailable to take your call. Please leave a detailed message and a phone number after the tone and I will return your call as soon as possible.

    Additional greetings
    After business hours Press 4
    Lunch time Press 5
    "In meeting" Press 6
    For weekends Press 7
    For vacations Press 8
  4. Set a greeting to play

    By default the business hours greeting is set to play. If you wish to change it, start by accessing your voicemail menu (dial 555 and enter your password). Then press 5 to select which greeting to play.

    The different options are presented in the following table. You can listen to your current greeting by pressing 0

    Activate a greeting
    Business hours Press 1
    After business hours Press 2
    Lunch time Press 3
    "In meeting" Press 4
    For weekends Press 5
    For vacations Press 6

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Use your phone:

8x8 reference sheet

The following 8x8 Reference Sheet covers common functions. Click on the image if you would like to print it.

Visit the How to use your phone article

More detailed explanations and training, which include video tutorials, are available on the How to use your phone article. You can also visit the FAQ for any questions you may have, or contact helpdesk.

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Setting up Virtual Office

What is Virtual Office?

Virtual Office is an application that integrates a business "softphone" with visual voicemail, corporate directory, instant messaging, presence (e.g., your status message, such as "Available" or "Do Not Disturb"), video calling, fax, call recording, web conferencing, and social media.

In other words, Virtual Office:
  1. Is computer software, available on your desktop, through a web application, or on any connected device such as your smartphone.
  2. Allows you to place and answer calls, manage your voicemail, set up a conference call, etc. from your computer or your mobile device.
  3. Is accessible wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection.
Virtual office desktop overview

Virtual office desktop

Virtual office online overview

Virtual office online

You can use Virtual Office to perform on a computer any action you would usually do with a phone, from wherever you need to.

Important note: By setting up Virtual Office, you will still be able to use your physical phone in the same way.

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Access Virtual Office

Setup your 8x8 Password using the Welcome email link

You should have received an email from with details about your account (extension, name, etc.). To login to Virtual Office, the first step is to setup your password by clicking on the link inside the Welcome email.
If the link to setup your password has expired, please contact helpdesk; they will resend the email to you.

Once you have setup your password, you can access Virtual Office desktop or online following the steps described below.

Virtual Office desktop
  1. Launch the 8x8 - Virtual Office application. The desktop application should already be installed on your computer. If not, contact helpdesk.
  2. At the login screen, enter your Urban email address and use the password you created earlier through the 8x8 welcome email.
Virtual office desktop login screen
Virtual Office online
  1. Go to
  2. At the login screen, enter your Urban email address and use the password you created earlier through the 8x8 welcome email.

Virtual office online login screen

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Virtual Office settings

You can refer to the 8x8 Virtual Office Quick Start Guide for more detailed instructions for setting up Virtual Office.

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