Basic Information about Qualtrics®

The Qualtrics® University website is the best resource for up-to-date information, tutorials, documentation, and training. Be sure to check their help and support information online before calling the Qualtrics® help desk.

Creating Surveys

1. What types of questions can I ask?

Qualtrics® supports over 100 different question types, including:

  • Multiple choice
  • Matrix table heat map
  • Slider
  • Text entry

2. Are there tools to help create a survey?

Qualtrics® provides hundreds of ready-to-use surveys that you can modify and add to your own survey library within Qualtrics®.

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3. Can my library contain anything else?

Yes, your library can contain messages such as survey invitations and reminders and media that can be inserted into your surveys.

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4. Does Qualtrics® lock my survey into a template with rigid formatting requirements?

No. Qualtrics® allows you to easily change the layout, position, and answer choices. You also have freedom to modify your text in a word processor-like interface. Additionally, you can create your own survey templates with a CSS editor.

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5. Can I design surveys to only show some questions?

Yes. Qualtrics® has several mechanisms to create a survey that displays new questions based on previous answers. Options include:

  • Skip Logic: skips questions based on previous answers;