Changing Your Network Password

While logged into the Urban Institute network, press the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons. When the page below appears, click on the item "Change a Password".

the blue ctrl-alt-del screen with 'change a password' circled in red

When the next page appears, enter your old password in the "old password" field and your new password in the bottom two fields. You can then hit enter, or click on the blue arrow. You should receive a message that your password has been changed. If not, contact the Help Desk at x5569.

the windows screen to change a network password: enter old password then the new password twice

Note: Your new password must be at least 8 characters in length, with no spaces and at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter and one numeric character. It can not contain any dictionary words in the mix, nor be similar to any of your previous passwords.

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