Data Storage

This is how store different types of data using the various methods we have available to us at UI. Those methods include Box, the K drive, the Y drive, email, SFTP, SharePoint, and via a parner's SFTP site.

Data Types Box K Drive Y Drive Email SFTP Sharepoint Partner SFTP Site
Public and Non-Confidential Internal Documents (For example: directory information, maps, media, and internal working documents that contain no confidential information) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Documents with No Regulatory or Contractual Restrictions (For example: budgets, employment data, salary plans that contain no personally identifiable information ) Yes1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Employee Records / Resumes Yes1 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personally Identifiable Information and Contractually Restricted Information (For example: Social Security Numbers, birthdates, benefits enrollments, bank account numbers, and other personally identifiable information) No2 No Yes No Yes No Yes3
All Other Confidential Information (For example: legal records, medical records, human subjects research data, and export controlled information) No2 No Yes No Yes No Yes3

1Files/Folders shared with external users must be password protected and each user must have their own password. Files/Folders shared with urban users must have an explicit permission for Urban groups and/or users.

2Confidential Data must not be stored on Box currently.

3The partner site should require unique passwords for each Urban user or passwords that expire within the day. If they do not, the file should be password protected before being sent.

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You can also download this table as an excel file below.


Data_Storage.xlsx Data_Storage.xlsx