Getting Started

We have implemented a new and improved wireless access system which provides coverage across all UI space. To provide security while facilitating ease of use, three wireless networks have been established:

  1. UIuest
  2. UIPublic
  3. UIPrivate
  1. Guests will use the UIGuest network only, and will only have access to the internet through that network.
  2. UI staff may use the UIPublic network to access the internet via their own personal devices (iPads, smart phones, tablets, personal laptops, etc.)
  3. UI staff may use the UIPrivate network when accessing the wireless on UI devices (e.g. UILaptops).This network will allow authorized UI users to access both the internet and our internal private network.

UI staff will only need to authenticate to the system once on any device, after that the system will auto detect your device and connect you to the wireless system. For example, if you connect your Smart Phone to UI's wireless then leave the building and return later, your device will automatically reconnect to the system with no action required on your part. The system will also auto detect attempts to connect non-UI equipment to the UIPrivate network and will disallow those connections.

The password for the guest system may be obtained by contacting the receptionist. For UIPublic information please click on the link below. You will be asked to enter your username and password for security purposes. The information provided is for UI Employees only. Do not share UI passwords with non-UI staff. This information is summarized in the table below. If you have any questions, please call the Help Desk at x5530.

Wireless Network User/
UIGuest Non UI Staff /
UI Device
Internet Only Each Time Call Receptionist
UIPublic UI Staff /
Personal Device
Internet Only Once per device Click Here
UIPrivate UI Staff /
UI Device
Internet Only Every time
you connect
UI Credentials
Access Wireless Information

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