Conference Feature Options

This is basic information for using GotoWebinar. In addition to outlining its use it has a table to compare it to 8x8 and GotoMeeting.

Urban Web/Phone Conference Options

Features 8x8 Phone GotoMeeting GotoWebinar
Maximum Attendees 15 50 500/1000
Built-In Audio w/ VoIP & Toll
Toll-Free Option
HD video conferencing  
Screen Sharing  
One-click Meetings  
Custom registration    
Polls & surveys    
Dashboard to monitor attendee participation    
Detailed Reports    
Share recordings online    
Invite guest panelists    
Monitor Q&A    

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Checklist for using GotoWebinar

In addition, the GotoMeeting accounts for meetings up to 50 participants, Urban has two accounts for large meetings, one for up to 500 and one for up to 1,000. Contact the Help Desk to get the credentials to access these accounts and to arrange for IT support to assist you in your meeting set up, dry run and for the actual event.

Step 1: Contact Help Desk to get meeting on GotoWebinar schedule, by providing the following:

  1. Meeting name
  2. Date and time (schedule early to avoid conflicts; reserve conference room, include half an hour of time before and after meeting for setup and wrap-up)
  3. Registration information from participants (see attached sheet for options)
  4. Schedule of reminders (can use GotoWebinar or Urban Outlook)
  5. List of Organizers and speakers
    1. Organizers are staff who will help the Speaker
      1. Handle Questions & Answers during meeting
      2. Muting\unmuting if necessary
      3. Set up Polling\Surveys
      4. Monitor Chat
    2. Speakers
      1. Participants who will be speaking
      2. Sharing Screens or Webcams

Step 2: Consult with Ivy in Communications and Joe in IT

  1. Discuss branding issues, advertising, promoting of event
  2. Sending of initial emails and reminders
  3. Schedule Dry run (1-2 week window prior to event)
    1. Reserve conference room
    2. Include all speakers and coordinators
      1. Land lines or headsets for all speakers
      2. Laptops for organizers to assist in the running of the meeting
    3. Create a "Run of Show"
    4. Ensure sound quality is fine, test webcams, screen sharing of actual materials
  4. Do timing runs to ensure you can stay within time limits

Step 3: Day of Event

  1. It will set-up equipment 30 minutes before meeting
  2. Speakers and Organizers should be ready 15-10 minutes before meeting
  3. Welcome screen should be shared 15 minutes before meeting
  4. Polycom should be dialed in and tested 15 minutes before start
  5. Designate the person who will be starting the recording
  6. Have a great meeting, smile while talking and end on time.

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Registration Fields

In the software, you can click on any number of fields, and you can make any field a required field. Note, you can also create custom fields.

Registration fields: list of possible form fields and whether or not they are required

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